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  1. TIMES: Traditional Irish Music Education Society

  2. O’Flaherty’s Irish Music Retreat - Sponsored by TIMES

  3. October Country - Original Celtic/folk/traditional and folk/pop genre

  4. Spriggan - Celtic/Celtic Fusion/traditional with a bent.

  5. Ravens - Neo Celtic with an edge.

  6. Apocalypso - Jump up Calypso!

  7. Martin and Victoria - This duo is loads of fun!

  8. The Blarney Brothers, you've got to see these guys in action!

  9. Maggie Drennon Band - Agressive Celtic groove.

  10. Loose Goose Productions - A great indie lable and promoter of Celtic and related music.

  11. Six Mile Bridge - Maggies second band.

  12. SCMA SouthWest Celtic Music Association.

  13. Stuff for performance artists.

Artful shtuff

  1. The Morpheus Company Makers of Wearable Art

Various shtuff

  1. I, Cringely Some provocative insight. See what Big Business is up to in the realm of manipulating your ability to choose. Keep in mind Small Business makes up over 75% of the job market in the USA today. Support them and they'll support you.

  2. PBS. I have been negligent in not putting this link up.

  3. Not to be mistaken with the Libertarian party, this link takes you to excerpts from Libertarianism: A Primer. It's a real eye opener.

  4. Apple Computer, I like 'em.

  5. Here is more job-seeker help from Career Pilot.

  6. Rand McNally, I like their maps better. There is also MapQuest, they have a great mobile app.

  7. Need a dictionary? Hmm, then try this one.

  8. Phoenix Entertainment The crazy people behind A-Kon, Itza-Con and Stellar Occasion.

  9. Is it in the Library? Library of Congress

  10. Cheap or free information on just about anything. From the Government.

  11. Spammers a problem? See what you can do about it.

  12. SETI 'cause we're not alone.

  13. LINUX the IBM PC clone alternative.